Our facility features dedicated exercise equipment for mice:

  • 6-lane automated exercise treadmill apparatus

Endpoints to these studies can include:

  • Willingness to (and duration of) exercise
  • Survival
  • Documentation of rhythm disturbances
  • Ventricular function assessment

Mice are monitored continuously during all exercise regimens by trained personnel.

Service and data output details

Treadmill exercise

This service employs the use of a motorized, speed controlled modular treadmill system designed specifically for mice. The treadmill is equipped with an electric shock stimulus for motivation and an adjustable inclination angle. The treadmill can be used for both long and short-term exercise studies.

Data provided at study end: Spreadsheet documenting total time of exercise, failure periods, speed, and incline.

Additional services

  • Mandatory One-Time Tech-Assisted Training (if planning use of equipment without a tech in future studies)
  • Facility Charge for Equipment Use without a Tech
  • Organ Harvest after Exercise